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Watching Halloween Movies To Die For

By Charlotte Robinson, October 31, 2021

Every year I search for movies that I haven’t seen or even better are brilliant for these strange mad times we live in to get in the Halloween spirit. Pacing yourself is crucial to get the full horror fill in time for the big day. With all the streaming channels it’s becoming a bit challenging in some ways & in other ways more gratifying. This year I began with “Halloween 4” which I hadn’t seen though released in 1988. I wanted to see the new 2021 “Halloween Kills” but my streaming services demanded an extra "trick” payment that I passed on & found a “treat” in “Halloween 4” on AMC for free. It had the retro John Carpenters creepy theme music though directed by Dwight H. Little. I never met Little but we did both share an important relationship with MJ McDonnell who was credited in the cast. Then I went on to HBO MAX which delivered the full “Conjuring” series which I watched backwards starting with “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” that was released this year. It’s also retro in the sense that all the Conjuring film take place in the 1970’s & all 3 films star Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson with stellar supporting actors worth watching. Then I watched “The Conjuring 2” that takes place in London & was my fav of the series. After totally enjoying that I had to watch “The Conjuring” released in 2013. It was good but out of the 3 if you only watch one then I suggest you go for “The Conjuring 2”. After this marathon of Conjuring movies I still had room for one more & I found satisfaction on Amazon Prime in “Bingo Hell” which was brilliant. Happy Halloween!!

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