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Anti-Gay Church Condemns Ricky Martin

By Charlotte Robinson, April 14, 2011
Ricky Martin, who we interviewed last month at the
GLAAD MEDIA Awards is being condemned for his
sexuality in a series of homophobic slurs from clergy
in his native Puerto Rico. Cardinal Luis Aponte
defended the Catholic Church's homophobic stance
on homosexuality, saying that it “does not reject the
homosexual but their immoral actions & behaviors &
trying to promote homosexuality or sexual promiscuity
among our youth, indeed, is immoral regardless of
where it comes from.” This is always amusing coming
from the Catholic Church with their history of sexually
abusing minors. Updates to Come…:)
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Ricky Martin said...

After I wrote the book and went on Oprah Winfrey, so many people have come to me, telling me, 'Ricky, thank you because I understand what acceptance is today.’ and ‘Ricky, thank you. I feel better about myself because you have a very beautiful family and the words 'dysfunctional family' don't exist in your life.' The other day, I was in a store and there was this 13-year-old child who he told me, 'Ricky, you and me, we are the same! You like boys. Well, you know what? Me too! And this is my mom and she's happy with me today. Are you kidding me? I had to give him a hug and I had to give his mother a hug because unfortunately -- because of society or faith -- parents struggle. It's all about love.

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