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The Stonewall Riot on PBS

By Charlotte Robinson, April 27, 2011
Let’s face it the reason Congress wants to cut finances for
PBS is to keep the American people from seeing important
documentaries like Stonewall Uprising. In 1969 every state
except Illinois had laws on the books that allowed police to
raid gay bars & haul suspected gays & lesbians off to jail.
Even in New York's Greenwich Village, raids & arrests
were commonplace. However when the Stonewall Inn was
hit in 1969, the lesbians & gays did something they had not
done before, they fought back. PBS' American Experience
series is airing a must-see documentary about the event
called Stonewall Uprising. Filmmakers Kate Davis & David
Heilbroner (Adolescent Addict, Jockey) interview some of
the people who were actually inside the bar & on the streets,
giving an up close & enlightening view of the event.
For More Info: pbs.org
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Dave Sinclair said...

The truth about the Stonewall riots comes out in the must-see documentary, Stonewall Uprising airing on PBS' American Experience series. From drag queens and street hustlers to police detectives, journalists and former New York Mayor Ed Koch, this documentary features a rich collection of archival footage. You'll hear from police, reporters, and patrons who were trapped inside the Stonewall Inn, activists outside who felt the tide turning that night, and better understand why Gay Pride events were born.

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