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Gay History Requirement in California

By Charlotte Robinson, April 16, 2011
Finally in California public schools will be teaching gay
history to students if a bill passed by the State Senate
becomes law. A similar bill was approved by the Dem
controlled Legislature in 2006 but was vetoed by Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger. With Gov. Jerry Brown, who’s
supportive of gay civil rights the state will become the
first in the country to mandate that schools also teach
gay history. Students are required to learn about black
history & women’s history so the passage of this bill
could eliminate a degree of homophobia in the classroom.
This would mean that Harvey Milk, one of the first openly
gay elected officials in the state & Bayard Rustin, the civil
rights activist, will take a prominent place in the state’s
history books. Updates to Come…:)
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Mark Leno said...

We're not teaching our children well. It’s evident by the number of kids killing themselves or being victimized because they're gay. That’s why I why sponsored "The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act." We already know in districts where this is already included in the curriculum that we see a significant drop in the amount of bullying. And we see much more respect from student to student.

Mark Leno State Senator San Francisco, California

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