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Sex in the Catholic Church

By Charlotte Robinson, April 22, 2011
In his new book "Sex and the Vatican: a secret journey in
the reign of the chaste", author & investigative journalist
Carmelo Abbate claims that thousands of Catholic priests
are in illicit relationships with both men & women in
contradiction of the Vatican's teachings on celibacy &
homosexuality. The book claims that some priests pay
ex-lovers hush money so as not to be found out while
others quietly support their illegitimate children through
school. Carmelo Abbate spent months undercover
documenting a "hidden world" in which heterosexual
priests have children with women who can never be their
wives & gay priests of many different nationalities visit
nightclubs in Rome & pay for sex with escorts. The book
was published in Italian but 2 British publishers are
interested in buying the rights. Updates to Come...:)
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Carmelo Abbate said...

The purpose of the book is not to shame Catholic clergy, it is to expose the hypocrisy and double standards of the Church. There is a culture of 'omerta' (silence) in which the Church pretends not to know about any of this. If the authorities do find out, they just cover it up so as to avoid any scandal. At the time the Church said that these were just isolated incidents. I wanted to explore whether that was true and what I was found was that the phenomenon is much, much wider. For a lot of priests, the Church's teachings on sexual relations are a prison.

Carmelo Abbate is an Investigative Journalist

Unknown said...

The Catholic church is still the “Church Of Child Rape”.

Read the first 6 pages of the grand jury report at http://www.philadelphiadistrictattorney.com/images/Grand_Jury_Report.pdf to find out how horrifying it still is.

They just can't stop it, despite how many times they'll tell you "we're really cutting back". Its reprehensible

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