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Gay Allies Boston Red Sox Speak OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, June 05, 2011
After playing 14 innings yesterday & beating the
Oakland A’s 9 to 8 the Boston Red Sox announced
they'll be the 3rd major pro sports team to make an
It Gets Better video in support of bullied LGBT youth.
The other teams are the San Francisco Giants & the
Chicago Cubs. This was after the effort of 12 year old
Sam Maden who started a petition asking the Red Sox
to make the video in honor of his deceased uncle.
Maden’s petition reached nearly 10,000 signatures.
The It Get Better project was started by Dan Savage to
fight anti-gay bullying, homophobia & to help bullied
LGBT youth hang in there because it does get better.
Dan Savage stated, “I’m thrilled by the participation of
the Giants, the Red Sox & the Cubs. But I don’t want the
excitement about each new high-profile It Gets Better
contribution to obscure the real heroes of the IGB
movement: the tens of thousands of average, ordinary
LGBT people out there. LGBT people of all ages, races,
faiths & backgrounds who are reaching out & speaking
to LGBT kids.” It’s great this announcement came as we
kick off a week of celebration for Boston Gay Pride.
Exclusive Audio Chat with Keri Aulita,
on this year's Boston Gay Pride events that
now through June 12th & more...:)

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Susan Goodenow said...

We are proud of dedicated Red Sox fans like 12-year-old Sam Maden who have taken the courageous step of publicly standing up against bullying of LGBT youth. The Red Sox have frequently done PSA videos, or public service announcement videos, on important social issues. We are currently producing an “It Gets Better” video to support the It Gets Better campaign to stop bullying of LGBT youth and teen suicides. We hope that when it is released it will both reflect our continued commitment to be active participants in the community and help advance the efforts of Sam and others to stop bullying. Our team stands for respect and inclusion – there is no place for discrimination or acts of hatred in Red Sox Nation.

Susan Goodenow, Senior Vice President/Public Affairs & Marketing for the Red Sox

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