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Gay is OK in the UK Scouts

By Charlotte Robinson, June 06, 2011
In the United Kingdom the Scout Association wants to
attract more gay members & leaders to join their org.
The organization wants it to be understood that gay
people are welcome among its half-a-million-strong
ranks & an anti-bullying video has been produced along
with plans to allow scouts to wear their uniforms to
Gay Pride marches & parades. In a video produced by the
group Wayne Bulpitt, the Scout’s Chief Commissioner says,
“Bullying is wrong on every level, not just for the person
being bullied, but for the bully too. In Scouting we believe
that all young people, irrespective of their sexuality, gender,
race, creed or background, have an equal opportunity to
develop & to be themselves.”
Exclusive Audio Chat with Keri Aulita,
on this year's Boston Gay Pride events that
now through June 12th & more...:)

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Simon Carter said...

There was an assumption that being gay meant you couldn’t be part of the movement. That was never the case and we are keen to make it clear that we accept people of any particular orientation. We have had youth members and adults attend Gay Pride events and plan to do so again this year. It shows that we are not just taking about it but are demonstrating our support publicly. A series of advisory leaflets have also been produced, aimed at those offering counseling to young people. One says: “Coming out is a major decision in your life. You may decide to tell your family, a friend, your teacher or a Scout leader. There is nothing wrong with being gay and being a Scout and the person that you tell should be supportive and non-judgmental to what you are telling them.”

Simon Carter UK Scout Association Spokesperson

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