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The Perfect Family or Is It?

By Charlotte Robinson, June 17, 2011
Kathleen Turner is brilliant in one of her best screen
roles in years in The Perfect Family, the new comedy/
drama that opened the Provincetown International
Film Festival last night. Turner plays a devout Catholic
& New Jersey suburban mom who is confronted by her
religious beliefs. She learns she’s a candidate for
“Catholic Woman of the Year.” This is where it gets
interesting. The church must interview her family in
order to make their decision.. Her daughter played by
Emily Deschanel (from the hit Fox TV Series Bones)
plays her lesbian daughter who’s about to marry her
partner but Mom is in denial that the relationship
even exists. Her son played by Jason Ritter wants to
get a divorce & Michael McGrady portrays her
recovering alcoholic husband & has just had about
enough of all the deceptions. The stellar cast also
includes a rare performance by Richard Chamberlain
as Monsignor Murphy. This film deals with positive
LGBT family issues & if you’re Catholic or not you
should catch this movie.
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Artistic Director, Provincetown Film Festival

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Anne Renton said...

The Perfect Family. These words consistently evoke a snicker when I am asked the title of my film in conversation, which I really love. The truth is we can probably all relate to the imperfections, struggles and triumphs that define our "not so perfect" perfect families. Whether your gay or straight the story I have chosen to tell is a messy slice-of-life comedy-drama about ordinary people struggling to connect. We have the opportunity to take a dive into their lives, laugh and cry with them and hold compassion for the tightly held external facade unraveling right before our main character's eyes. Sometimes we may even see ourselves in one of them. I wanted a film with strong emotions, solid characters and a relatable story. Kathleen Turner embraced the role of the protagonist, Eileen Cleary with great depth and an exquisite attention to detail. It was a dream to work with her. We were equally fortunate with the rest of the incredibly talented cast that came on board the project.

My hope is that The Perfect Family encourages us to glance at our own imperfections and judgments for a moment and acknowledge differences among us as a phenomenon to embrace rather than to reject. This is often easier said than done particularly when someone individuates and begins expressing a truth that doesn't vibe so much with the family unit or with the views and beliefs of the more global community.

Anne Renton Director, The Perfect Family

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