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Take Sex Out of Our Marriage Discussion

By Charlotte Robinson, June 27, 2011
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Gay Marriage finally passing in New York is definitely
a game-changer. When Governor Andrew Cuomo
announced that gay marriage had passed by a vote
of 33-29 Friday night he used the proper language.
He never used the religious right’s term “same-sex
marriage”. We must take “sex” out of our marriage
discussion. Use the terms “gay marriage”, “marriage
equality” or “same-gender marriage”. To expedite
equality for our LGBT community understand
language & know that every time our opponents hear
the word ‘sex’ a red flag goes up & their minds close.
Note that coverage by mainstream media outlets all
use the term ‘same-sex’ to stir the pot. Just think
about the language we use. Gay marriage on the
federal level will be achieved when our opponents
understand that marriage equality is a spiritual truth
& it is beyond sex. Updated to Come…:)
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Richard Emmanuel said...

This is great news about New York becoming the sixth state to pass gay marriage. This comes after a recent Gallup Poll showed Americans favor gay marriage by 53% which demonstrates that people want the government out of our personal lives. We will not let government take away human rights on any level. Marriage equality is a spiritual truth and it is beyond sex. Now the problem is how do we get it to the federal level? We have to get control of our language again. The language is being manipulated. It has been since the creation of language, probably since the creation of visual pictures. It gets you to focus on one subject. When you use the term ‘same-sex marriages’ what do you see? You see either 2 penises going down the aisle or 2 vaginas or whatever but you don’t see a relationship and that’s by design. That’s how the religious right uses the language to pervert the concept. Marriage is not about sex. It’s about relationships and relationships do entail a very important import of physical life which is the quality of sexual relationships but that is only a fraction of what we have to discuss. We have to take the discussion away from the religious right and turn the language back to what it is. It’s about gender. Gender equality, gender process, in the workplace, in the marriage place, in teaching, in all of these levels. We have to be careful how we use our language. Get control of the word and then you have control of how people will view the issue.

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