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Provincetown Film Fest Wins OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, June 21, 2011
Exclusive Audio Chat with Kathleen Turner
about her new film The Perfect Family that deals
w/ LGBT family & religious issues. Check it OUT

After 5 fabulous days at the 2011 P-Town International
Film Festival the winners were announced. Top prize
went to ‘Dirty Girl” a coming of age & coming out
movie that addresses teen bullying & homophobia.
Prizes were given to the following films:

DIRTY GIRL (directed by Abe Sylvia) won the HBO
Audience Award Best Narrative Feature which made

its US Premiere at the PIFF

BUCK (directed by Cindy Meehl) won the HBO Audience
Award Best Documentary Feature

HELLO CALLER (directed by Andrew Putschoegl) won
the HBO Audience Award Best Short Film

27 (directed by Neil Forbes) won the Student Film Grand
Jury Prize

As previously announced the 2011 Filmmaker on the Edge
Award was given to writer/director Darren Aronofsky
(THE WRESTLER, BLACK SWAN). Actress Vera Farmiga
(UP IN THE AIR, HIGHER GROUND) the Excellence In
Acting Award recipient. The Career Achievement Award
was given to Albert Maysles (GIMME SHELTER,

We had a blast covering the PIFF this year. We'll have
exclusive audio interviews on OUTTAKE VOICES™ this
week including: Kathleen Turner, Jon Waters, Christine
Christine Vachon, Abigail Breslin & more.
Exclusive Audio Chat with Aubrey Sarvis,
Executive Director of Servicemembers Legal

Defense Network with a “Don’t Ask, Don’t

Tell” Repeal Update

Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™
View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Abe Sylvia said...

‘Dirty Girl’ is not autobiographical despite some similarities. I was overweight and in the closet, and very shy. I had a weird upbringing. I had hippy parents and we lived in Oklahoma. They grew up in California, so there was a very strange disparity between my family and everyone else’s. So while the story is not a true story, it’s certainly influenced by those experiences and the juxtaposition of where you want to be in your life versus where you actually are. I started out in the theater. I did my undergrad work in the theater, and then I was a Broadway dancer for six years. What I realized very quickly when it sort of became my paid job was that what I actually loved was production. As a theater kid, I loved building sets and making costumes myself. But once I was a dancer on Broadway, they wouldn’t let me do anything but dance, and it got really boring, really quickly. So I started writing on my own, and those ideas started becoming important to me.

Abe Sylvia Writer /Director of Dirty Girl

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