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Kenyan Gay Ally Mutunga Speaks OUT

By Charlotte Robinson, June 08, 2011
In Kenya Chief Justice nominee Dr. Willy Mutunga
appeared before the Constitutional Implementation
Oversight Committee to defend his credentials.
Dr. Mutunga nomination has been clouded with morality
questions about his association with gay rights saying our
gay community deserves a chance in society. It seems he
wears a left ear stud he that he has defended saying that
the earring was based on his spiritual beliefs & not his
sexual orientation & that he is not gay. He also dismissed
claims that his liberal views on the gay community would
influence his interpretation of the law.
Listen to the Audio Interview w/ Gay Ally
Rev. John Makokha who runs educational

awareness seminars on human sexuality &

gender identity programs in Kenya


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Dr. Willy Mutunga said...

Let me say it straight out, I am not gay. And having said that, let me say also I do not discriminate against gay people. That will be my straight answer. I believe in inherent dignity of all. Society thrives when diversity is embraced. If anyone thinks that I would interpret the law in any other way than what is stated in the constitution, let him not give me the job. If I get the job, I will only have five years to ensure there is a reformed judiciary in this country. It is unfortunate that people say that I am anti-family yet I believe and treasure the family as a basic unit of the society. To me a family is bigger than my home in Kitui, it is people from all over the world that I know and I am free to talk to.

Dr. Willy Mutunga Chief Justice Nominee

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