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Boy George Talks About Homophobia in Jail

By Charlotte Robinson, August 08, 2011
Boy George the openly gay British singer-songwriter
who helped give androgyny an international stage
with the success of Culture Club talks about the abuse
he endured in UK prison. In December 2008, George
was convicted in London of the assault & false
imprisonment of Audun Carlsen a male escort &
sentenced to 15 months. In May 2009, George was
released after serving 4 months. He was released on
home detention curfew & wore an ankle monitor for
90 days. George told British National Prison Radio
about his experiences. Read statement in comments….
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Boy George said...

When you first arrive, it’s terrifying, I don’t care how hard you are. But eventually you just go, ‘You know what? I’m here!’ Acceptance is a huge thing. The bullying was mainly young guys shouting out ‘batty boy’ and things like that. It was nothing I hadn’t heard before and I dealt with it in the way I would on the street. Telling me I’m gay is not news to me. Why are you telling me I’m gay? Yeah, I know, I’m 50. I’m not the sort of person who can maintain a dark perspective on life for very long. Having had a good sense of humor is very useful in certain situations. Being insanely optimistic has its advantages.

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