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It’s Time to Repeal DOMA

By Charlotte Robinson, August 17, 2011
Even though in February the Obama administration & Department of Justice said they would not defend DOMA because it was unconstitutional the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group of the U.S. House of Reps hired attorneys to defend this obscene discriminatory law. On August 15th they filed their brief to dismiss the GLAD case against the Defense of Marriage Act saying the 1996 law is both constitutional & rational. GLAD has until Sept. 14 to file a response. It's so outrageous to think that the US is wasting millions of dollars defending a law that discriminates against our LGBT community by denying federal rights & benefits for our LGBT families. Especially the disparities that DOMA inflicts on our LGBT seniors who are denied their full social security benefits even though they are legally married in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Iowa, New York, Connecticut & the District of Columbia. Updates to Come….Exclusive Audio Chat with Albert Maysles on his film the cult classic GREY GARDENS, LGBT Rights & More @ OUTTAKE VOICES™

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Mary Bonauto Esq. said...

We see no new arguments in this brief that can possibly justify DOMAs discrimination against married same-gender couples. We are intent on moving this case forward and ending the serious harms that our plaintiffs and other LGBT families around the country are enduring because of DOMA.

Mary Bonauto, Director of the Civil Rights Project at GLAD

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