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Congressman Frank Will Not Run in 2012

By Charlotte Robinson, November 29, 2011
Watching Congressman Barney Frank’s press conference announcing he will not run for Congress in 2012 is a real shocker & blow for our LGBT community. The 16 term Congressman has been such a fierce advocate for equality & with Rep Tammy Baldwin running for Senate that leaves us with just 2 openly gay Reps in D.C. Frank’s decision came with the redistricting in Massachusetts that would add 325,000 new constituents to his district. He believes that he would not be able to follow through with new business since he had planned to retire in 2014. When asked what his plans were he stated that he wished to write, possibly finish his Harvard degree & spend more quality time with his partner Jim. Congressman Barney Frank joins 14 other Dems that are not seeking reelection in 2012. Check OUT our interview with Barney taped earlier this month…..Updates to Come…..:)
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Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin said...

With the retirement of Congressman Barney Frank, the House will lose one of its smartest, wittiest, and most progressive voices. In a time of deep economic turmoil and unscrupulous financial practices, Barney led the Financial Services Committee and the House to restore much-needed consumer protections and corporate regulation.

For LGBT Americans, Barney has had an immeasurable impact both symbolically and substantively. He has written and fought for laws that are leading us toward full equality. He co-founded with me the first Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus which now boasts a bipartisan membership of nearly 100. He has been a role model for LGBT youth in and out of government. For me, he also has been a valued mentor and friend. For all of us committed to social justice, Barney leaves an enduring legacy.

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