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Gay Celebrities Coming Out Cover Story

By Charlotte Robinson, June 21, 2012
This week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story examines gay celebrities & how casual it is today for them to reveal their sexuality publicly for the first time. When Ellen DeGeneres decided to come out 15 years ago it was the cover of Time Magazine. Then talk shows like Oprah, Primetime Live & CNN brought her story home via television. I think if I remember correctly she then lost her sitcom & was somewhat in career flux until she had a rebirth conquering the world with her talk show. Last month when The Big Bang Theory’s Emmy-winner Jim Parsons came out it hardly brought any attention by the media. So why are there still so many celebrities in the closet? In the past years just to name a few we've had American Horror Story’s Zachary Quinto, White Collar’s Matt Bomer, Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Glee’s Jane Lynch, CNN anchor Don Lemon, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, David Hyde Pierce, T.R. Knight & Neil Patrick Harris come out & strive in their careers. These are very fortunate times for people to come out. In the 1980’s coming out was career suicide. Not only that but pretending to be someone that you’re not & hiding your identity is unhealthy for you. So come out wherever you are & know that you are not alone. Updates to Come…:)
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