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Great Minnesota LGBT Outing

By Charlotte Robinson, June 23, 2012
In an attempt to change hearts & minds in Minnesota with an anti-gay marriage amendment appearing on their November ballot, LGBT Minnesotans have launched www.greatminnesotaouting.com. The concept is to come out online to reach neighbors, friends & colleagues who are more likely to support gay rights if they’re aware they know a gay or lesbian person. Founder of the Great Minnesota Outing Jon Staff, a Harvard graduate class of 2010 & commercial-social entrepreneur stated, “Coming out is both the revelation of a single fact & a powerful spark that ignites a process of reorienting minds to support LGBT rights.” The campaign collects videos produced by LGBT Minnesotans telling their friends & neighbors of their part in the LGBT community & making an appeal to them to vote no on the amendment. The Great Minnesota Outing is acting on statistics that show people who know a LGBT person are far more supportive of gay rights, especially if they hear a direct appeal about the marriage amendment. In their recordings men & women identify themselves as LGBT explain why they love Minnesota & express why it is important that Minnesota not limit the freedom of marriage for committed couples. Minnesotans can search for videos by city or zip code, funneling visitors towards people they are most likely to know in real life & therefore most likely to be influenced by. The campaign also features an integrated social media component to ensure videos are seen by a broad spectrum of voters. LGBT Minnesotans can log onto the website & share their own story. This is a bold step for LGBT Minnesotans but the courage it takes to come out publicly is what makes the videos powerful. Also Happy Pride to the Twin Cities which begins June 23rd...:)
For More info: greatminnesotaouting.com
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

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