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New LGBT Presidential Election Chart

By Charlotte Robinson, June 03, 2012
An interesting LGBT Presidential Election Chart comes to us from Ned Flaherty Marriage Equality USA’s Election 2012 Project Manager. It shows that two thirds of all presidential candidates now support 100% of the top LGBTIQ issues: Fred Karger (Republican), Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Jill Stein (Green Party) & President Barack Obama (Democrat). Among the remaining 2 candidates, Ron Paul (Republican) never committed to marriage equality & Mitt Romney reconfirmed on May 9th that he will never do so. Collectively, the presidential candidates now support the top 12 LGBTIQ issues 79%, a historic high point compared to the low of 24% in August 2011, when 10 of the 13 candidates stood squarely against same-gender marriage, in what started as the most anti-gay presidential race in the nation’s history. Support for LGBTIQ issues has increased among voters & candidates every single month, as shown in Marriage Equality USA’s speedy, interactive slide illustration.
View New LGBT Presidential Election Chart….
“Journalists, voters, & candidates are fascinated by our interactive time line,” said MEUSA Election 2012 Project Manager Ned Flaherty. "There is momentum in every branch of government for LGBTIQ equality, ranging from the federal courts to the Presidential candidates," said Stuart Gaffney, Marriage Equality USA Media Director. "We deserve a President who represents all Americans, which is why it is so gratifying to see this historic high point in support for equality for LGBTIQ Americans." In 2012, progress continues improving state laws, federal marriage rights, immigration rights & military spouse benefits via lawsuits, legislation, & ballots in 21 states: California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington & West Virginia.

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Jamie Capach said...

I'm very glad that Jill Stein, Green Party candidate, was listed among the candidates. She has been in support for full marriage equality at least since she ran for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 (the first gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts history and only candidate in that election to do so).

Dr. Denise Ajeto said...

I think the statement "two thirds of all presidential candidates now support 100% of the top LGBTIQ issues" is somewhat misleading. It would be more accurate if you stated that two thirds of all remaining presidential candidates support LGBTIQ issues. The most evident reason for the change in the percentages (particularly in less than a year's time) is that more candidates in the Opposed camp ended their campaigns. What is interesting (and hopeful) to me is that there would appear to be a trend that holding a position against equity for LGBTIQ people could now be a liability for a political candidate rather than the other way around. Quite a change!

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