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London Gay Pride Cancelled

By Charlotte Robinson, July 06, 2012
Though the United Kingdom is flying a rainbow flag at the personal request of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, London’s WorldPride celebration has been cancelled. This is totally messed-up. On the UK national front you have Clegg stating, “it was about time for Whitehall to bring itself up to date by flying the flag in solidarity with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgendered) community.” Then you have UK Gay Activist Peter Tatchell lashing out against London Mayor Boris Johnson for not stepping in to save WorldPride stating, “The World Pride organizers have made mistakes & must share some of the blame for the current shambles. However, they are not the sole villains. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, could have rescued Pride but has apparently chosen to not do so. The actions & inactions of the Greater London Authority (GLA) have compounded the problems that Pride now faces.” Of course this is all a financial disaster which could have been resolved. Tatchell says that just last week, corporations like Gaydar & Smirnoff offered more than £60,000 ($90,000) to cover Pride’s funding shortfall but that Mayor Johnson declined the offer, saying it was “too late.” Tatchell also accuses the Greater London Authority of price-gouging Pride organizers, vetting all WorldPride press releases & forcing organizers to pay for everything up front even though festival profits would have bridged the budget gap. Also London’s LGBT GFest, the city’s annual LGBT arts festival, has been cancelled because of funding problems as well. So now London is left with a Gay Pride Protest Walk instead. This is all on the heels of the Olympics that take place at the end of the month. For More Info:pridelondon.org Updates to Come…:)
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Anonymous said...

Get your facts right love. Pride is still going ahead tomorrow. In fact we are celebrating WorldPride.

Charlotte Robinson said...

We understand there will be some sort of celebration but without pink carnival floats flying rainbow flags, which had been set to pass trough the West End have been banned & bars playing music in the streets will risk having their licenses removed. Also from what we hear official LGBT Military & Police have been told if they march they can not wear their uniforms. We think the whole fiasco is a total shame & we feel for our UK LGBTQ brother s & sisters but if you wish to continue comments please be brave & identify yourselves. It is our policy not to publish anonymous comments. Thanks!

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