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Gay Icon Diana Nyad Ends Her Cuban Swim

By Charlotte Robinson, August 22, 2012
Updated: Life is a Journey Not a Destination...:)
Happy Birthday Day Diana!!

Diana Nyad has ended her historic attempt to swim from Havana to Key West after an intense storm, muscle spasms & suffering debilitating jelly fish stings. This was her fourth attempt at the swim that was completed successfully by Australian Susan Maroney in May 1997 but Nyad was doing it without a shark cage. Instead she was accompanied on the 60 hour journey by a 63-member support team. Extremely brave for a 62 year old. Nyad tried the crossing from Cuba in 1978 when she was 28 but failed in the face of winds & heavy waves. Nyad never came out of the closet publicly because she was never in it. She has spoken on the issue of LGBT athletes in sports many times but her focus has always been on sports. Much like Billie Jean King her place as an athlete supersedes her place as a lesbian athlete something many gay people in sports dream of. Diana is a member of the National Women’s Hall of Fame & the International Swimming Hall of Fame.
Updates to Come...:)
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myoswimwear said...

A really inspiring blog post. I want to say a big well done in getting as far as you did, especially for a women of your age. I hope that people are inspired by you.

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