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Out & Equal Mexico Event September 6-9

By Charlotte Robinson, August 23, 2012
Out & Equal will be hosting the 2nd International Expo & Business LGBT Event held at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun in Cancun, Mexico from September 6th to 9th. This expo focuses on the immense growth potential of various industry areas in LGBT markets across the Latin American region. During the Expo a study will be released showing issues that our LGBT community faces across Latin America. The LGBT2020 Study is a global research project devised & implemented by Out Now Global the world's leading specialist LGBT consulting agency. Since 2009 the project has been collecting data from countries around the world to compare LGBT people's lives; asking the same set of questions in more than a dozen languages. Almost 100,000 people have now participated in more than 20 countries. Selisse Berry, Founding Executive Director of Out & Equal stated, "Out & Equal is pleased to be participating in this event. Our work started in the United States & has expanded globally in recent years. We recently hosted the Out & Equal LGBT Global Workplace Summit in London with constituents from 28 countries. LGBT employees everywhere face complex & diverse issues that relate to their sexual orientation & gender identity. Something as basic as an invitation to a work function takes on a whole different hue if a person is not out about their sexual orientation with everyone they work with. This can cause real issues & we see workplace equality as an area where there is still much to be done in Mexico & across Latin America. Participating in this event is an important step for us & we are looking forward to sharing our experience with the delegates attending the conference." Updates to Come…:)
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