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The Real L Word Hunter Valentine Rocks

By Charlotte Robinson, August 19, 2012
Hunter Valentine the gay rock band that’s featured in Season 3 of the television series The Real L Word on Showtime TV performed at the 4th annual “Fusion” LesbianNightLife Women’s Pool Party produced by Promoter Beth McGurr at the Randolph Country Club in Randolph MA. Hundreds of lesbian woman attended the event & mingled with the band. Laura Petracca, Vero Sanchez & Kiyomi McCloskey were on site for picture ops. Keyboardist Somer Bingham was absent at the event due to flu & remained home being cared for by her wife Donna. As first I just figured Somer was just showing up late like she does in the series but then we were told she would be a no-show. Despite of her absence the band rocked. I got a chance to talk with the bass player Vero who’s hot, cool & a talented musician but I couldn’t get her to tell me what’s coming in the future episodes of The Real L Word. Hopefully we’ll have her on OUTTAKE VOICES™ to give us the inside spin about the band & behind the scenes of the show. Kiyomi is even sexier in person & Laura the drummer really brings it all together. The set they play rocked & if you missed them Hunter Valentine is on a 50 cities tour that will end in the Boston area on November 18th.
For More Info: huntervalentine.com

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