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Gay Magazine The Advocate 45th Year

By Charlotte Robinson, August 20, 2012
This is an important milestone for The Advocate magazine which has been a crucial voice for our LGBT people especially in reaching isolated communities. Through the years the brand expanded from a mere 12 page mimeographed newsletter with few resources to full multimedia powerhouse brand including the print, online, digital & mobile. The Advocate’s September 2012 special anniversary issue celebrates the impulses, philosophies, triumphs & setbacks that propelled the publication’s past & drives the brand’s platforms to the future. In the new commemorative anniversary issue the mag’s editors & reporters dug through the archives getting a closer look at the past to help us understand our future. Matthew Breen, Editor of The Advocate stated, “We’ve developed from reporting on bar raids to documenting the struggle for our rights in the decriminalization of homosexuality, advancements in marriage equality, the end of institutionalized discrimination in our armed forces & the explosion in LGBT media & representation in the entertainment industry. And all along, The Advocate has been reporting on those sea changes in our culture & we’ve been sparking conversation. We are proud of our work & we sincerely hope you believe that our efforts now & in the future with a commitment to the vision that launched us will merit another 45 years.”

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