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Hillary Clinton Comes Out For Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, March 19, 2013
As gay marriage heads to the U.S. Supreme Court next week it appears that American politicians including Obama, companies & even religious leaders are beginning to drop their discriminatory shields & finally support gay & lesbian marriages. If only they had the guts in 2008 to do so we wouldn’t be in this mess. Now Hillary Clinton who may be the Democrats’ 2016 presidential nominee has come out for gay marriage a week after anti gay GOP Senator Rob Portman made his declaration of support on CNN that seems to have totally rattled the Republican Party. He wasn’t alone. Dozens of Republicans added their names to an Amicus Curiae Brief calling on the Supreme Court to recognize marriage equality for all in the California Proposition 8 Case. Those signing include gay & straight allies Mary Bono Mack, James B. Comey, Jon Huntsman, Ken Mehlman, Steve Schmidt, William F. Weld & Meg Whitman among the eighty plus conservative voices weighing in. Companies adding their names in favor of marriage equality included Apple, Alcoa, Facebook, eBay, Intel & Morgan, AIG, Becton Dickinson, Cisco, Cummins, Kimpton, Levi Strauss, McGraw Hill, NCR, Nike, Office Depot, Oracle, Panasonic & many more. So what does this all mean for our LGBT community after being denied crucial rights benefits for our families & loved ones? It means that now that the evolution for full marriage equality has begun but we must not stop there. We still need ENDA to pass so we are safe in the workplace & keep fighting until America is a country where everyone really is equal. Updates to Come…:)

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Tom Lang said...

It's about damn time!

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