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OUT Magazine David Bowie Tribute

By Charlotte Robinson, March 13, 2013
For its April cover story OUT reached out to some of the world’s most innovative gay artists & designers & invited them to pay tribute to the legendary David Bowie to coincide with Bowie’s first album in ten years & a massive exhibition of his influence on design & fashion opening at London’s Victoria & Albert museum this month. Over the next 10 days celebrities from various walks of life remember the legacy Bowie has left of both music & pop culture. Bowie tribute stories in OUT’s April 2013 issue include: Glenn O’Brien – “Who wouldn’t want to be there when Bowie met Warhol for the first time?” Adam Lambert – “A light bulb went off–I wasn’t into drag, I didn’t want to dress like a woman, but I wanted to express my gender & artistic identity differently than the mainstream. Bowie was a key inspiration.” Mick Rock - “To me, he was always exotic, whatever phase he was in. Now he’s the Howard Hughes of rock ‘n’ roll, but he’s more than just a rock legend – in the U.K., he’s a national treasure.” Joey Arias – “It was the end of the ‘70s & it was a moment that was so far ahead of its time that nothing will ever match up to it because there’s only one Bowie, there’s only one Joey & there’s only one Klaus. We didn’t have to do anything but be ourselves that night. People still come up to me on tour and say, ‘You changed my life.’” Jake Shears – “You are my favorite artist on earth. My favorite song you’ve ever written is ‘Fantastic Voyage.’ Thank you so much for coming to my show, but I really hope at this point that we never cross paths. There’s not a lot in this world I keep sacred, but I would rather you just stay imaginary.” Jean Paul Gaultier – “I remember going to gay bars in London that Bowie was known to frequent & it gave many of us courage not to hide, to have confidence in ourselves. …One thing that was astonishing was his ability to do cinema & music simultaneously, while endlessly reinventing himself. It wasn’t only his androgyny but his creativity…” 
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