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Albert Maysles Audio Interview

By Charlotte Robinson, March 07, 2015
We’re saddened to hear that Albert Maysles the pioneering filmmaker has died at 88. In 2011 we interviewed Maysles at the Provincetown International Film Festival where he was recipient of the Career Achievement for his amazing documentaries including GIMME SHELTER, GREY GARDENS & SALESMAN that he created with his late brother David. When I asked what he thought about the way GREY GARDENS came back the way that it did Maysles stated, “I should have expected that it would have that kind of reaction. When the film first came out there were dozens of gay men having GREY GARDEN parties all over the country & even in England where gay men would dress up as Edie & have their parties & it’s still going on. Then of course there was the HBO feature film, the Broadway Musical & also a book that my daughter published all about GREY GARDENS with lots and lots of drawings & a CD of an hour and a half of sound of the two women talking when the camera wasn’t running.” Maysles then went on to direct THE LOVE WE MAKE with Paul McCartney that addressed 9/11 as well as McCartney’s subsequent Concert for New York City. Albert Maysles was a pioneer of Direct Cinema who along with his late brother David was the first to make nonfiction feature films where the drama of life unfolds as is without scripts, sets, interviews or narration. Called "the dean of documentary filmmakers" by The New York Times, Albert received a Guggenheim Fellowship, two Peabody Awards, three Emmy Awards, five Lifetime Achievement Awards, the Columbia Dupont Award & an Academy Award nomination for LALEE’S KIN. Eastman Kodak saluted him as one of the world's 100 finest cinematographers. Listen to this exclusive interview Albert Maysles at the Provincetown International Film Festival talking about GREY GARDENS & LGBT issues:
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