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Poverty Risk For LGBT Women

By Charlotte Robinson, March 14, 2015
According to a new groundbreaking report released by a broad coalition of research & advocacy organizations LGBT, women are among the most at risk of poverty in America. Due to discriminatory laws, America’s 5.1 million LGBT women face lower pay, frequent harassment, compromised access to health care & heightened violence. Anti-LGBT laws together with inequitable & outdated policies, mean that LGBT women’s economic security is compromised by reduced incomes & added costs ranging from health care to housing. Laura E. Durso, Director of the LGBT Research & Communications Project at the Center for American Progress stated, “Even at a time when the public is showing increased understanding & acceptance of LGBT people & their relationships, the unique concerns & struggles of LGBT women are largely absent in the national conversation.” Ineke Mushovic, Executive Director of the Movement Advancement Project added, “LGBT women face added challenges not solely because of their gender, but also because of who they are & whom they love. Discrimination & stigma, combined with the struggles faced by all women, make LGBT women & their families especially vulnerable. Making matters worse, the burden falls most acutely on those who can least afford it: LGBT women raising children, older LGBT women, LGBT women of color, LGBT immigrants & those LGBT women & families who are already living near or below the poverty line.” “Paying an Unfair Price: The Financial Penalty for LGBT Women in America,” was co-authored by the Movement Advancement Project, or MAP & the Center for American Progress.
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