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Gay Character Joins Star Wars

By Charlotte Robinson, March 11, 2015
It’s been announced that the official "Star Wars" universe is getting its first openly gay character. A lesbian governor appears in the upcoming novel "Lords of the Sith". We all know that the "Star Wars" characters have always hinted at diversity but this will be the first out character & we can’t wait to see who will be playing her down the road when the book is made into a movie. This means that finally there will be the first gay action hero figure in the movies, television shows, comics & books approved by Star Wars franchise owner Disney according to Shelly Shapiro, Editor of "Star Wars" books at Random House imprint Del Rey Books. This is not quite unprecedented since a previous "Star Wars" book series & a few video games have featured gay relationships but those characters aren't considered to be part of the "official Star Wars" world outlined by Disney last year. Shapiro stated, "There's a lot of diversity; there should be diversity in 'Star Wars’. You have all these different species & it would be silly to not also recognize that there's a lot of diversity in humans." Although we don't know much about the storyline of the new "Star Wars" movie due out late this year there hasn’t been any buzz of a gay character but with "Lords of the Sith" the LGBT inclusion of a lesbian character should really shake-up the franchise & serve as a long overdue role model for our LGBT youth.
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