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Pressure On Anti Gay Indiana

By Charlotte Robinson, March 29, 2015
Indiana Governor Mike Pence has opened a can of worms after signing the new anti gay law that allows businesses in that state to cite religious objections to refuse to serve our LGBT community & is now trying to justify his action by saying he supports an effort to "clarify the intent" of the legislation while dealing with national outrage over SB 101. On Twitter #‎BoycottIndiana‬ #BanIndiana became the number one trend. Gay ally Barbara Allyn Howard of Northpoint, Indiana, stated: “I’m so angry & disappointed both as a resident of Indiana & as an American. I am a heterosexual woman who abhors hurtful discrimination in any form. And, I’m not alone – hundreds of my fellow Hoosiers are expressing their outrage on Facebook & Twitter at the Governor’s signing this bill. The fact the Governor signed the bill privately behind locked doors speaks volumes – especially given that he accepted absolutely no citizen or corporate feedback prior to signing.” John Lewis, Marriage Equality USA’s Legal & Policy Director concluded, "Those behind Indiana’s law are part of national political strategy, begun several years ago, to try to instill unfounded fear that ensuring equality for LGBTQ Americans will somehow impinge on the freedom of religion. The same national strategy is being employed to undermine women’s lives. Because of laws similar to Indiana’s, public businesses have been able to substitute their owners’ religious views regarding access to contraception for their female employees for medical decisions these women make in consultation with health care professionals. We as Americans must stop this cynical strategy in its tracks, because unstopped the strategy will subject women, LGBTQ people & millions of other Americans to discrimination & exclusion from vital services. As a society, we are better than that. Public opinion polling shows that a large majority of Americans oppose laws such as Indiana’s." With marriage equality headed to Supreme Court next month let’s move America forward, not backward, toward true equality & inclusion for all Americans.
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Charlotte said...

Sunday Indiana Governor Mike Pence was on This Week with George Stephanopoulos & he would not deny that he was for discriminating against our LGBT community. He also kept saying to justify Indiana’s anti gay SB 101 legislation was based on Bill Clinton’s Federal Religious Act of 1993. Like DADT we need to clean out some of these discriminatory federal laws that let’s the homophobes hurt our LGBT community.

jurassicpork said...

When a Chief executive sings a bills into law behind closed doors, that's a sure sign they know they're doing something wrong or at least unpopular. Of course, they often don't give a shit about the will of the people. Representing your constituency is an afterthought, at best, to these sociopaths. I really hope the NCAA pulls out of Indiana during March Madness.

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