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Antigone Rising Game Changer

By Charlotte Robinson, March 18, 2015
The all female alternative country rock band Antigone Rising just released their new album "Whiskey & Wine - Volume 2” on iTunes & the band’s website with a brand new video for the album’s first single “Game Changer”. The music video addresses LGBT equality with an emphasis of Love Is Love. Quite an accomplishment for an all lesbian alt-country rock female band as part of the growing chorus of out voices contributing to country music scene as LGBT individuals & still dealing with a predominantly conservative industry. Bass guitarist & vocalist Kristen Henderson stated, "With W&W Vol. 2 the songs have gotten much more personal, the productions a little more elaborate. These songs all have something to say.” says Kristen Henderson. "It's important to the band that we write songs that say something about who we are & what we stand for. We are looking forward to touring & performing the songs for a live audience, getting the crowd's reaction & visiting cities we haven't been to in quite some time. It's going to be a great year for Antigone Rising.” As you know Kristin appeared on the cover of Time Magazine with wife Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson who’s President/CEO of GLAAD for a feature on marriage equality. Sarah appears in the video with their 2 kids as well. Antigone Rising also includes Cathy Henderson, lead guitar & vocals, Nini Camps rhythm guitar & vocals & Dena Tauriello on drums.
For More Info & Tour Dates....
Listen: Antigone Rising Rocks For LGBT Equality
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

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