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She's Beautiful When She's Angry

By Charlotte Robinson, March 02, 2015
She's Beautiful When She's Angry is an important documentary that should be seen by everyone. It represents an important slice of the Women’s Liberation Movement that was formed by feminists in the 1960’s & still resonates today for women who continue to face challenges around reproductive rights, equal pay & sexual violence. Filmmaker Mary Dore does an excellent job depicting what it was like to be a woman during this period of time. From Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book “The Feminine Mystique” to fighting Congress to obtain abortion rights in the 1970’s this film really makes you look at how far we have come & yet how vulnerable we are of slipping backwards. She's Beautiful When She's Angry is jammed packed with archive material & interviews with surviving feminist activists. The film also addresses the controversies over race, leadership & sexual orientation that were constant issues during the women’s movement. Gay activist & author Rita Mae Brown appears in the film providing an enlightening LGBT spin on the period among others. During a Boston sold-out screening of the film there was a panel discussion followed by a Q & A with filmmaker Mary Dore. The panel was made up of the founders & authors of Our Bodies Ourselves who were also featured in the film. When a question was asked about the lack of women of race & color in the film the question unfortunately was dodged by the all white female panel which just goes to show how crucial it is that more women’s stories need to be told.
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