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Gretchen Wylder Speaks OUT (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, October 28, 2019
This week I talked with Gretchen Wylder the creator & writer of “These Thems” an award-winning intersectional queer digital comedy series. “These Thems” directed by Jett Garrison is a 7 episode fully narrative series that follows the lives of a newly out lesbian making up for lost time, a non-binary educator intent on training the straights, a transgender man who is comfortably in the closet & a lovelorn gay best friend. With many people living beyond the gender binary identities very few explicitly non-binary characters are represented in mainstream media. Non-binary gender identity may be one of the least understood labels falling under the LGBTQ+ umbrella simply because it’s also one of the least visible. Wylder is among the very few writers & show creators paying consideration to non-binary identities & gender non-conformity that’s moving the needle for accurate depiction. “These Thems” set in NYC tells the story of Gretchen played by Wylder who after realizing she may be a lesbian befriends non-binary dog walker Vero (Victoria “Vico” Ortiz) who decides to stop training dogs & start training the straights. Vero takes Gretchen under their wing & introduces Gretchen to the queer world as she navigates what it's like to be newly out at the age of 30. Vero's childhood friend Asher (Shaan Dasani) isn't out as trans at work & is faced with the decision to out himself when an opportunity for an LGBTQ account pops up. Gretchen's gay best friend & roommate Kevin (Nick Park) is looking for love & may have found it in Asher. I talked to Wylder about what she hopes to accomplish with “These Thems” & her spin on our LGBTQ issues in this exclusive audio podcast. LISTEN
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