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Supreme Court & LGBTQ Civil Rights

By Charlotte Robinson, October 08, 2019
The United States Supreme Court will hear arguments today regarding three LGBTQ employment discrimination cases. These cases will determine whether LGBTQ employees are protected from discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The best case scenario for our LGBTQ community would be that the Supreme Court will rule that the federal ban on sex discrimination also means employers can’t discriminate because of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Trump administration is fighting to convince the court that sex discrimination should have a limited interpretation. Whatever the result is our LGBTQ community is in for another historic fight for equality. Erin Uritus, CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates stated, “Out & Equal works with the world’s largest employers, businesses & government to create workplaces, all around the globe, where all of us are equal, belong & thrive. We are proud to have helped galvanize the 206 major businesses who signed onto the amicus brief. Representing more than 7 million employees & more than 5 trillion in revenue, these companies told the Supreme Court that Title VII protections are for all of us, including the LGBTQ community & to decide otherwise would be as bad for business as it would be for the country. This case is not creating a new space of equality, it is affirming the inalienable equality that our country’s framers intended & which our communities have fought for. Every generation has had to take up the mantle of civil rights. As women, as people of color, as people of faith, as people without faith, as people with disabilities, as LGBTQ people – we are all equal under the law…”
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