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Halloween Attack Of The Mogul Maniacs

By Charlotte Robinson, October 31, 2019
In a time when white male mogul maniacs rule the land I can’t think of a scarier way to celebrate Halloween in 2019 then to take a look back over the last four decades & reflect on how someone like Trump became president of America “Land of the Free & Home of the Brave”. We haven’t had a woman rank this high in the corporate hierarchy in this country since Marjorie Post the socialite & entrepreneur of General Foods who also built Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Women need to rise up once again to the top tier of this phenomenon. The interesting thing is all four men have indulged in mainstream media. Trump would have never become president if it weren’t for his NBC/Comcast TV series “Celebrity Apprentice”. Bill Gates enhanced his position by creating MSNBC, Jeff Bezos dabbles in the media by buying the Washington Post & jumping into the streaming game with Amazon Prime Video & Mark Zuckerberg has taken social networking technology into the 21st century.  Now the saving grace of Gates, Bezos & Zuckerberg are their philanthropy efforts for many underfunded causes that can possibly move our country into a better place which brings us back to Trump who on Halloween 2019 is headed for an impeachment vote. So we’re all left wondering what will today bring, a Trick or Treat for our democracy. Let’s hope that in these very trying times that we wake up from our technical overload & get back to basics of compassion & empathy which is the only way that we can really move this country forward. To be continued…. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Yes women in power are key to our progress and humanity is best in hands of women.

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