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Arizona Bill Will Harm Transgender Kids

By Charlotte Robinson, March 09, 2020
A dangerous bill is moving through the Arizona legislature that will bring harm to transgender student athletes by barring them from participating in school sports consistent with their gender identity. The bill has already passed through the Arizona House of Representatives & is now headed to the Senate even though over 200 local & national businesses have signed onto a letter organized by Arizona-based organization ONE Community in opposition to HB2706. Those opposed include American Airlines, the Arizona Diamondbacks, GoDaddy, PayPal, Salesforce, Uber & more. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO stated, “Republican state representative Nancy Barto’s so-called “Save Women’s Sports Act” is not about helping girls or women; it is about harming young transgender students in Arizona in cruel & dangerous ways that will also affect cisgender students. As activists & politicians who oppose the bill have argued, this bill is part of a systematic attack on the protections of transgender people & continues to promote the false narrative that transgender youth are somehow threats in their communities, including in sports. Trans students around the country have shown that is a blatant lie.” Unfortunately the Arizona Bill is one of many anti-trans bills introduced in State legislatures across the U.S. this year with many targeting trans inclusion in sports. As of last week there have been at least 21 state bills introduced with the goal of excluding transgender youth from athletics in Alabama, Idaho, South Dakota, Tennessee & more. ONE Community is a coalition of socially responsible businesses, organizations & individuals who are moving diversity, inclusion & equality forward for all Arizonans.
For More Info: onecommunity.co
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