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LGBTQ Super Tuesday Voting Results

By Charlotte Robinson, March 04, 2020
With Pete Buttigieg leaving the presidential race & supporting Joe Biden we knew that Super Tuesday would have very different results. NBC News exit polls showed that LGBTQ voters made up 1 out of every 10 people who voted in the Democratic primaries on Super Tuesday. Maine & Massachusetts had the highest percentage of LGBTQ voters in their states primaries. Also a third of LGBTQ people were younger than 30 years old while 65% of the LGBTQ voters were under 45. Alphonso David, HRC President stated, “Tonight, LGBTQ people showed up in record numbers & cemented our status as a crucial constituency to court. LGBTQ people & our rights have been on the ballot for decades, compelling us to register to vote & participate in politics rather than let others decide our rights for us. 2020 marks the most pro-equality field of Democratic Presidential candidates in U.S. history. Our power has continued to grow & candidates are seeing us increasingly for the critical voting bloc we are & have pursued us vigorously, releasing policy after policy providing more details about their LGBTQ platforms than any other Democratic primary field in history. Over the last three years, the Trump-Pence Administration has repeatedly sought to allow discrimination against LGBTQ people in healthcare, housing, public spaces, services & other aspects of life, rescinded protections for transgender students & banned transgender troops from serving openly in the military. The 11 million LGBTQ voters & 57 million Equality Voters — LGBTQ people & our allies — are ready to oust the Trump-Pence administration & elect a true ally in the White House. Tonight is only the beginning.”
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