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Bigotry Lives On In Mississippi Trans Ban

By Charlotte Robinson, May 15, 2024

Republican Governor Tate Reeves has passed a new law in Mississippi restricting transgender people’s use of bathrooms, locker rooms & dormitories in public education buildings. The new Mississippi law that took effect immediately only allows students to enter spaces that correspond to their sex assigned at birth. Mississippi is now one of 22 states challenging the new Title IX regulations in courts which updated Title IX regulations last month to clarify that federal law requires schools to ensure that students are treated consistent with their gender identity in sex-separated spaces like bathrooms & locker rooms. Melanie Willingham-Jaggers, GLSEN Executive Director stated, "Mississippi's continued attacks on transgender students are not just dangerous for students, they’re also enshrining discrimination into state law that clearly conflicts with federal civil rights protections. GLSEN vehemently condemns the signing of this hateful policy, which not only attempts to strip away the rights of transgender youth but also perpetuates a culture of fear & discrimination. By enacting transphobic measures that target some of the most vulnerable members of our community, Governor Reeves & the leaders of Mississippi’s legislature demonstrate a callous disregard for the well-being & safety of all students. It's particularly egregious that these actions come in the wake of Nex Benedict's tragic death, a stark reminder of the real-life consequences of such hateful legislation. Hate breeds hate & these policies only serve to fuel the flames of intolerance & violence. We refuse to stand idly by as bigotry masquerades as legislation & we will continue to fight tirelessly until every student is given the respect, protection & opportunity they deserve." Nina Simone definitely got it right 60 years ago in her classic song “Mississippi Goddam”. 

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