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Target Caves To Anti-LGBTQ Backlash

By Charlotte Robinson, May 11, 2024

It’s very disturbing to learn that the Target Corporation will no longer be stocking LGBTQ themed pride merchandise in about half of its 2000 stores mostly in southern states. The controversy is centered around female-style swimsuits item that can be used to "tuck" male privates outraged many consumers in the spring of 2023 with backlash so severe that some stores were told to relocate their Pride Month displays to avoid sparking a "Bud Light situation." Remember Bud Light had received anti-LGBTQ backlash after using transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney in a promotional campaign. A Target spokesperson stated, "We’re offering a collection of products including adult apparel & home & food & beverage items curated based on consumer feedback. The collection will be available on Target.com & in select stores based on historical sales performance." Kelley Robinson, Human Rights Campaign President stated, “Pride merchandise means something. LGBTQ+ people are in every zip code in this country & we aren’t going anywhere. With LGBTQ+ people making up 30% of Gen Z, companies need to understand that community members and allies want businesses that express full-hearted support for the community. That includes visible displays of allyship. Target’s decision is disappointing & alienates LGBTQ+ individuals & allies at the risk of not only their bottom line but also their values.” Over the last couple of decades it has been so encouraging to see mainstream companies supporting diversity & Pride celebrations. As our LGBTQ community & allies gears up for Pride festivities across the nation next month let’s be aware & only support companies that do not cave into homophobic rhetoric from rightwing hatemongers. 


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