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South Carolina Trans Families In Crisis

By Charlotte Robinson, May 10, 2024

Families of transgender youth in South Carolina are grappling with the passage of H.4624 a broad intrusion into medically necessary healthcare for transgender South Carolinians. The core component bans medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth under the age of 18 in South Carolina including puberty blockers, hormone therapy & surgery. Southern Trans Youth Emergency Project announced that South Carolina trans families are now eligible for grant funding & patient navigation services in case Governor McMaster signs the bill into law. Through STYEP families can receive accurate information about H.4624 patient navigation to identify out-of-state gender-affirming care providers & emergency grants of $500 for immediate needs, including travel, medication & other logistics. Ivy Hill, Director of Gender Justice for the Campaign for Southern Equality & a lifelong South Carolinian stated, “It has been an honor to organize alongside so many courageous trans & queer South Carolinians & I’m proud that our community staved off this oppressive anti-trans healthcare legislation for more than three years. But now that the bill is poised to become law, it’s up to all of us to preserve continuity of care for as many people as we can. That’s what this project is all about: Supporting trans youth & their families & ensuring they know that no law can stop the transgender community from charting our paths to a future where all of us can thrive & live authentically.” The Campaign for Southern Equality has also set up an information desk for transgender adults in South Carolina where they can reach out to request information about how H.4624 may or may not impact them, report a denial of care or insurance coverage or learn about other resources. For More Info…

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