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South Carolina Trans Healthcare Ban

By Charlotte Robinson, May 22, 2024

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has signed H.4624 into law which is a broad intrusion into medically necessary healthcare for transgender South Carolinians. The law takes effect immediately banning medically necessary healthcare for transgender youth under the age of 18 in South Carolina including puberty blockers, hormone therapy & surgery as well as prohibiting public funds & Medicaid from being used to cover the cost of transition-related healthcare for transgender people of any age. H.4624 also encourages school professionals to “out” students to their parents if they ask to go by a different name or pronouns potentially before they are ready to share. Chase Glenn, a leader in the SC United for Justice & Equality coalition & the Executive Director of Alliance for Full Acceptance stated, “Across the state, from the Lowcountry to the Upstate, South Carolinians are mourning the passage of H.4624, which will make it immeasurably harder for transgender youth & many adults to access the life-saving healthcare that they need & deserve. But let me be clear: This loss does not crumble a movement. Our movement supporting transgender people in South Carolina is louder & stronger than it’s ever been. We’ve marched at the State House, we’ve told our stories & we’ve made sure our lawmakers heard from us. Now, we will do everything in our power to support our community through this crisis.” Over the past 5 months thousands of South Carolinians have taken action against H.4624 with families of trans youth, countless medical professionals & educators all in agreement that this bill is a cruel & dangerous assault on trans youth & adults in South Carolina that ignores the guidance of every major medical organization. 

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