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Gay Bashing in New York City

By Charlotte Robinson, April 02, 2011
UPDATE: Cops busted a 21-year-old homeless man Friday
night in connection with the vicious beating of a gay man in

Greenwich Village. Anthony Bray, collared in Bushwick,

Brooklyn, confessed to attacking Damian Furtch.

These horrific attacks on our gay community must cease.
Damian Furtch, a gay New Yorker was brutally attacked
by 2 unknown men. Damian was attacked early Sunday
morning around 4:30 am after leaving McDonalds in the
West Village. He said he was wearing a more ‘flamboyant’
outfit than usual in accordance with his role at The Pink
. Damian was approached, then viciously attacked,
by two men who while punching him in the face yelled
“You f…...g faggot!” Damian managed to make his way to
a hospital & contact the police. He had 4 stitches inserted
above his eye & his nose will have to broken & re-set. The
2 men responsible for this are now wanted in New York
in connection to a hate crime.
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1 comment:

Nicholas Andrew Parnell said...

The real irony is these gay bashers have no power, because if they did they would never lower themselves to maliciously hurt another human being the way they did. How ironic that two men sought to hurt another man because they perceived him inferior and lacking of some sort of correct constitution, when in reality the truth is these individuals are doused with self loathing of their own masculinity. So much for power I think….
As a gay man myself, I have to say.. I am constantly worried about this, I work for a celebrity stylist who rolls out wearing the most outlandish / glamorous outfits I have ever seen! He has brought out this beautiful part of me, where I feel so much more comfortable wearing camp clothes. Should we be worried about being attacked because we are not being subtle?

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