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Anti-Gay House Delays DADT & DOMA

By Charlotte Robinson, May 12, 2011
The GOP majority in the US House of Representatives
seem to be getting their way in delaying “Don’t Ask,
Don’t Tell” & making sure that the Defense of Marriage
Act will not be repealed anytime soon. The House Armed
Services Committee voted to bring to the floor the 2012
defense authorization bill with 3 anti-gay amendments.
The first one being criticized by a gay service member
advocacy group as “a shameful and embarrassing waste
of time.” The 3 amendments to the National Defense
Authorization Act, all largely passed along party lines,
would require the 4 service branch chiefs to sign off on
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal prohibiting weddings for
same-gender couples on military facilities by chaplains &
affirm that the Defense of Marriage Act applies to Defense
Department policies. Updates to Come…
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Aubrey Sarvis said...

The amendments adopted during mark-up of the National Defense Authorization Act in the U.S. House related to the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ represent nothing less than an assault on our nation’s senior military leaders and rank-and-file service members, who are marching toward open military service successfully. These adopted amendments to delay and derail repeal are a partisan political attempt to interject the same-sex marriage debate and other unrelated social issues into the NDAA where they have no place. Make no mistake – these votes should be a wake-up call to supporters of open service that our work is not done. Our commitment to timely certification and repeal must be redoubled as we move to the House floor to defend the progress we have made to ensure that LGB patriots can defend and serve the country they love with honesty and integrity.

Aubrey Sarvis is Executive Director Servicemembers Legal Defense Network

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