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Uganda “Kill the Gays” Bill May Pass

By Charlotte Robinson, May 11, 2011
Conclusion of Exclusive Audio Chats with
Filmmakers about their films appearing @

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Friday: Ugandan Parliament adjourned without
debating the "Kill the Gays Bill" It's shelved for now.

Wed: Uganda’s parliament appears to have

dropped plans to debate the “Kill the Gays” bill

after a global outcry from U.S. leaders like

Congressman Barney Frank who threatened

Uganda that if passed say goodbye to US $$$,

LGBT activists & internet campaigns like

the one we launched at OUTTAKE MEDIA™. :)

This is the law that would allow the death penalty for
certain types of homosexual acts may be passed this
week in Uganda. The International Gay & Lesbian
Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned at
reports that the now infamous Anti-Homosexuality
Bill in Uganda may be passed by that country's
Parliament. The Bill, first introduced in October '09,
was ostensibly "shelved" by Uganda's president
Yoweri Museveni following an international outcry.
However, public hearings on the Bill took place
May 6th in the Legal & Parliamentary Affairs
Committee. The remaining stages of the legislative
process namely second & third readings of the bill &
presidential adoption could be completed within the
remaining week of the current parliamentary session.
Updates to Come….
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Rev. John Makokha who runs educational

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gender identity programs in Kenya


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Cary Alan Johnson said...

We are shocked that after more than 2 years of engagement with the government of Uganda about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, this heinous piece of legislation may still become law. Governments, world religious and political leaders, and HIV prevention experts have all appealed to Ugandan parliamentarians to put their distaste and fear of LGBT people aside and use their better judgment for the good of the country.

Cary Alan Johnson, IGLHRC Executive Director

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