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New Gallop Poll Supports Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, May 20, 2011
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Finally for the first time in Gallup Poll tracking of
gay marriage 53% of Americans believe same-gender
marriage should be recognized by the law as valid with
the same rights as traditional marriages. The 9 percent
increase since last year came exclusively from political
Independents & Democrats. Support is highest among
younger women & lowest among older men. Support to
legalize gay marriage ranges from 70% support among
those aged 18 to 34 to 39% support among those 55 &
older. So the homophobe Republicans & older Americans
still remain opposed. Results for this Gallup poll were
based on telephone interviews conducted May 5-8, 2011
with a random sample of 1,018 adults aged 18 & older,
living in all 50 U.S. states & the District of Columbia.
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Frank Newport said...

While big majorities of Democrats and young people support the idea of legalizing same-gender marriage, fewer than 4 in 10 Republicans and older Americans agree. Republicans in particular seem fixed in their opinions; there was no change at all in their support level this year, while independents' and Democrats' support jumped by double-digit margins. Most legislation dealing with legalizing same-gender marriage occurs at the state level. At this point, five states -- Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, plus the District of Columbia -- allow legal same-gender marriages. Most of the remaining states specifically outlaw it. At the moment, those advocating changes in constitutions and laws to allow same-gender marriage in additional states can take heart in the apparent shift in national sentiment in their direction.

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