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Gay Spin on Osama bin Laden Death

By Charlotte Robinson, May 02, 2011
After President Obama announced that U.S. forces had
killed Osama bin Laden celebrations broke OUT in
Washington DC & NYC. At Ground Zero Gay Activist
Lieutenant Dan Choi who became the face of the repeal
of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” climbed up onto the lamppost
with several of his friends from the military to lead the
crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. Dan Choi the former
army lieutenant who turned up in his full military regalia
stated, “I was kicked out of the army for being gay & I
refused to shut up. I’m here because I’m American &
that’s about a good a reason as anybody needs.”
Lane Hudson, a gay D.C. Democratic activist said,
"Obama’s victory will likely enable him to win re-election
as well as pursue other items on his agenda.” So in 10 years,
2 wars, 919,967 deaths & $1,188,263,000,000 later we
managed to kill one person. Go Figure...Updates to Come…
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Alex Nicholson said...

I don’t think the feelings of gay service members following the death of bin Laden differ much from those of straight service members because both had been working for the terrorist leader’s demise. Everybody’s shedding their identifying characteristics — like being gay — and just showing solidarity with some common American identity.

I think there’s a lot of symbolic significance in this for a lot of people, and so there’s a lot of relief and jubilation that I personally felt and I think a lot of people were sharing. Upon arrival at the gathering I distributed an armful of the American flags that Servicemembers United had deposited in November 2007 along the National Mall to honor the then-12,000 service members who had been discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” We just started passing flags out to complete strangers out there who were celebrating and grabbing anything with American flag colors or stars and stripes that they could find. We literally saw tons of them on TV being waived in front of the White House.

Alex Nicholson, Executive Director of Servicemembers United

Unknown said...

Obama has slowed down repeal


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