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Gay Activists Fight “Don’t Say Gay Bill”

By Charlotte Robinson, June 07, 2011
In response to Tennessee passing the now infamous
SB49 “Don’t Say Gay Bill” gay activist Devon Hicks
& author Eric Ross are teaming up to battle the
discrimination in a unique way. The pair will educate
the public by distributing copies of the new marriage
equality children’s book, “My Uncle’s Wedding” to
public libraries in Tennessee while at the same time
raising funds to create an educational documentary
on the bill. Kickstarter is being utilized to fund the
creation of the documentary ‘Saying Gay,’ with the
bold goal of raising $25,000 in just 21 days for
production costs. Individuals donating $35 will
receive a signed copy of ‘My Uncle’s Wedding’ &
for $45 you'll receive a signed book & one donated
to their public library of choice. Placement of the
book depends if the library accepts the donation.
“I’m happy to partner with Devon on this project,”
Ross said. “It’s a great way to give children the
opportunity to learn about diverse families when
they’re denied that education in their local school.
I’m hoping people donate to this cause so that we
can educate the public & let them know it’s ok to
say gay.” We all know that education is key in
fighting homophobia so what are you waiting for?
Donate @ kickstarter.com
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Eric Ross said...

I understand that some parents may be afraid of their children learning about gay people in schools but to be honest, kids are already learning about it in schools. They learn about it when kids bully other children while calling them fag, homo, sissy, or any other derogatory word associated with being gay, regardless if the bullying takes place on or off school grounds. Making it illegal to say gay on school campuses just ignores the problem; it doesn’t make the problem go away. Would you rather your child learn about gay people through bullying, or would you rather they learn about the topic in a way that teaches respect for everyone?

Eric Ross, Author of ‘My Uncle’s Wedding’

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