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Judge Confirms Prop 8 Unconstitutional

By Charlotte Robinson, June 15, 2011
San Francisco: Today sanity reins in California for our
LGBT Community as United States District Judge Ware’s
decision came down denying the Prop 8 proponents’
motion to vacate Judge Vaughn Walker’s 136 page ruling
because he is gay & Prop 8 remains unconstitutional.
“We are very pleased that Judge Ware has decisively put
to rest this distraction from the real issues in this case.
The fact is that every day Proposition 8 remains in effect,
loving, committed same-gender couples are deprived of
the freedom to marry that everyone else enjoys,”
said John Lewis, Marriage Equality USA’s Legal Analyst.
The California Supreme Court has stated that they may
hold oral argument on the jurisdictional question before
them in September 2011, although they have not yet
announced a definite date. The Ninth Circuit will hold
further proceedings after the California Supreme Court
issues its opinion later this year. So this case drags on.
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Stuart Gaffney said...

We attended Judge Ware’s hearing on the motion alongside many LGBT couples who are unable to marry because of Proposition 8. By moving this case forward today, Judge Ware has brought their wedding days one step closer to reality. We now turn our attention to the jurisdictional issues in this case before the California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals. We are very hopeful that these courts will recognize that the Prop. 8 proponents have no basis for being able to continue their appeal -- and that Proposition 8 will become a distant memory as soon as possible. Basic fairness and equality under the law mandate that every person deserves the freedom to marry the one they love.

Stuart Gaffney, Media Director Marriage Equality USA

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