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Ben & Jerry UK Gay Marriage Ice Cream

By Charlotte Robinson, March 18, 2012
Since 2005 gay couples can have civil partnerships in the UK which provide the same national rights & protections as marriage but fall short of the term “marriage”. Last September the British Government announced its intention to introduce same-gender civil marriage by the next general election & of course the religious anti gay homophobes are up in arms against marriage equality. Sound familiar? Now American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's in support of gay marriage in Britain has relabeled an apple pie flavor as Apple-y Ever After which displays a gay marriage on its label. When Vermont passed gay marriage 2 years ago the ice cream company celebrated by briefly repackaging its Chubby Hubby flavor Hubby Hubby. Unfortunately the new favor is only available in the UK. Ben & Jerry spokeswoman Liz Stewart stated “The point is to raise awareness around same-gender marriage issues. We've been an activist brand really since our inception in 1978. We've stuck up for social justice issues in the past & it's something we'll continue to do going forward. People at Ben & Jerry's believe love is love. Marriage, should just be defined by love & commitment.” It seems that the change won't affect ice cream pints sold in stores but the label at the company's scoop shops will be changed according to Stewart. Just think how fabulous it would be if other companies worldwide would take a positive stand like this. Updates to Come…:)
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