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Boston Pride Backs St. Pat’s Peace Parade

By Charlotte Robinson, March 17, 2012
Every St. Patrick's Day in Boston is bittersweet since Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade was canceled in 1994 because it would not allow our LGBT community to participate. The state's highest court ruled that the parade organizers could not ban LGBTQ Irish-Americans from marching but in a counter lawsuit, parade officials won, accusing LGBTQ Irish-Americans of violating their rights to free speech under the First Amendment. It’s pretty much the same scene in NYC. You would think with gay marriage passing in both of these states this homophobia wouldn’t still be going on, but it is. Unfortunately most cities & states are not gay friendly on St Patrick’s Day. However, Boston Pride is supporting this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Peace Parade which will be held on Sunday, March 18th. The St. Patrick’s Day Peace Parade is organized by the Smedley D. Butler Brigade, a Boston-area chapter of Veterans for Peace & focuses on peace, equality, jobs, social & economic justice issues. “We are proud to be supporting the Smedley D. Butler Brigade Veterans for Peace in their effort to highlight important social & economic justice issues,” said Linda DeMarco, President of Boston Pride. “As one of New England’s largest Pride organizations, we understand better than most why it is important to be as inclusive of as many voices & viewpoints as possible during times of celebration.” The St. Patrick’s Day Peace Parade will begin at 2P at the corner of D Street & West Broadway in South Boston & will conclude at the Andrews T Station. For More Info: smedleyvfp.org
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