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International Women's Day 2012

By Charlotte Robinson, March 08, 2012
Let’s make a difference now on International Women's Day by asking the remaining Women US Senators to support the Violence Against Women Act. (VAWA) I got this email from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) to celebrate the achievements of women around the world in struggling for equality. We all want equality so to continue the amazing progress women have made in this country having VAWA pass the Senate is vital. You can make a difference! We now have 58 sponsors for S. 1925, the "real" VAWA introduced by Senators Leahy (D-VT) & Crapo (R-ID) Just 2 more sponsors & several more supporters will make a safer world a reality. We must do this to protect the rights of women & girls everywhere. Below is the contact information for the remaining 3 women Senators who have yet to sponsor the bipartisan VAWA. All are former sponsors or have expressed interest or support for VAWA. Contact them & ask them to sponsor S. 1925; or, if they cannot do that, ask them to pledge their support for a clean bill when VAWA bill comes to the Senate floor in the weeks ahead. The 3 women US Senators are: Kay Bailey Hutchison, (R/TX) Olympia Snowe, (R/ME) & Kelly Ayotte, (R/NH) For More Info: www.4vawa.org
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