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Fran Drescher To Perform Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, March 06, 2012
We love Fran Drescher. On March 6th she will make one deserving couple’s wedding an occasion to remember when she officiates their marriage in a special event at XL Nightclub in New York. The lucky pair, Tom & Russell, who have been together for 20 years are winners of Fran’s “Love is Love’ Gay Marriage Contest.” Fran will marry the two to show her support for equal rights in the LGBT community, as well as to celebrate the second season launch of her sitcom, “Happily Divorced,” which premieres on TV Land on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:30pm ET/PT. NYC-based Tom & Russell have a love story that touched Fran. Neither of them heavy internet users but lifelong Fran fans & it was Russell’s sister who first notified them of the contest & encouraged them to enter. In their submission, they recounted the story of their 20-year relationship, making it obvious to all who read it that Tom & Russell are a very special couple. Tom & Russell’s story began when they met at a restaurant that Tom managed & they bonded over a classic pop culture staple – a mix-tape. A tape led to a date & that date led to a lasting relationship that now spans 20 years & 2 children. Later in their relationship, a crucial period of their lives ended up involving Fran Drescher. Russell, like Fran, is a cancer survivor; but during his days of treatment & recovery he waited every afternoon for “The Nanny” to come on, brighten his day & give him a good laugh. Now, healthy & happy, Tom & Russell live in Manhattan with their 2 children & 2 lovable dogs.
For More Info: tvland.com/happily-divorced
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